Distianert 1 12 Scale 4WD RTR Rock Crawler Electric RC Car with 2 4GHz Radio Remote Control High Speed 25MPH Best RC Buggy for On-Road and Off-Road Racing Rock Crawling

  Fast Battery powered RC car

The world of RC cars is growing bigger with each day as more and more people are experiencing the thrills of RC car racing. The engineering of RC cars is also getting complex as more advanced and faster cars are being developed. There are many things to RC cars that make them much more than mere toys and into a hobby for the people. It can transfer them into the fun and nostalgia of childhood and also allow them to delve into the technical aspects of the vehicle design. So battery powered  RC car are here to stay and while planning to buy a new vehicle you need to take note of quite a few points.

Everyone has their own idea about RC cars and the best brands so it is essential for buyers to get to know what exactly he requires from the vehicle. battery powered RC car are very good choices for those who want to enjoy the driving and racing aspects of a vehicle without wasting much energy over the maintenance and repair issues. Some of the fastest RC cars in the market are battery powered and we will share a few points to help you choose the best one.

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Buying guide for RC cars

It is easy to get confused when you are a first-time buyer for an RC vehicle. It is always good to take opinions of experienced users and read the various reviews but there are some basic points that you need to decide by yourself and we will share some of them in this segment.

The type of car

In the RC car market, there are cars, trucks, and buggies and each of them have their own set of purpose and design. The drift cars are best suited for fast-paced racing or rallies while the trucks are built for climbing and off-road adventures. If you want to get the best of both worlds, choosing a buggy can be a good idea. Being fast as well as powerful enough to tackle rough terrains, these are good options for beginners.

The size

The size of RC vehicles is measured on a scale compared to a vehicle of the original size. So they can be of various sizes with the large ones being of 1/5 scale and the smallest ones of 1/64 scale. Large RC vehicles are difficult to store and not very common while sizes like 1/10 are more common in nature. A common size on the smaller side is good for beginners to handle and the spares and upgrades are more easily available.

The price

Price is one factor that varies from buyer to buyer and it is best not to go for a costly model in case you are still undecided about pursuing battery powered RC car as a hobby. The costliest models are not always the best options and once you have decided on the exact features you want, you can check around for the best price. The more features you want to add, the more costlier will the car get.

Two wheels vs Four-wheel drive

RC cars are available in both these options and there might be some confusion for a buyer as to which is the best option to choose. Two-wheel drive RC cars are easier to drive and maintain and also cost less. The four-wheel drives provide more power and capability to tackle rough terrains and bring in more excitement. It is best to buy a four-wheel-drive after one has mastered the art of driving a two-wheel drive.


GPTOYS RC Cars 33MPH Remote Control Truck

This off-roading monster RC is a perfect companion for adventurous rides through a variety of terrains.

GPTOYS RC Cars 33MPH Remote Control Truck 1 12 Scale 2.4GHz 2WD Off-Road Monster Green (3rd Version)


 Traxxas is one of the best RC carmakers in the market and going from 0 to 100 mph in just 5 seconds, this car is a great piece of engineering from them. A colorful design, along with high-end power and stability, this vehicle offers a fun-filled package for RC car lovers.

Feature and Benefits:

Great power

This unit has a GP brush 390 motors fitted in its body that provides great power and speeds ranging up to 33mph. Couples with a strong build, this vehicle makes it easy for you to race through rock, mud or sand.

Full control

The 2.4 GHz radio controlled transmitter unit offers the latest technology to perfectly control the unit and the freedom to race multiple cars together. It also operates from a distance of 100 meters, making it a great choice for off-road races.

Full control

The vehicle has an IPX5 waterproof rating which makes splash resistant and impervious to rains. So the next time when you are out in the rains, you can be confident about using this vehicle.

After-sale service

The unit comes with a 90-day warranty and lifetime support for various technical issues and problems. This makes it a great option for first-time users and less experienced players.


Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 6.5 inches
  • Scale: 1:12.
  • Weight: 97 pounds.
  • Battery: 1 x 9.6V 800mAh car battery.

Pros and Cons:

  • Very well designed.
  • Strong and stable structure.
  • Battery charge holds well.
  • Speed is not sufficient for enthusiastic drivers.

This is a very well designed car that will keep the young users happy with its energetic performance and great build.

Distianert 1:12 Scale 4WD RTR Rock Crawler Electric RC Car

This off-road buggy will surely bring a smile in the faces of the RC players with its great offloading capability and superb design.

 Distianert 1 12 Scale 4WD RTR Rock Crawler Electric RC Car with 2 4GHz Radio Remote Control High Speed 25MPH Best RC Buggy for On-Road and Off-Road Racing Rock Crawling


This vehicle is designed to satisfy users with great performance and classic features. It has a great power delivery and extraordinary grip over various surfaces. It comes with a perfect remote controller unit and is quite easy to control.

Feature and Benefits:

Good batteries

This vehicle will prolong your RC adventures with great battery life and the 7.4 V batteries can last for up to 30 minutes of prolonged driving. The two pieces of 1500mAh lithium-ion batteries are delivered along with this vehicle.

Sturdy construction

It is built with shock resistance high-grade PVC materials that will prolong the longevity of the unit even under rough use. It also has an anti-collision design at the front that protects the internal parts by absorbing shock.

Additional features

The high-quality rubber tires provide a great performance over all kinds of surfaces. The unit also has high-grade shock absorption systems to provide stable performance over rough terrains.

Excellent control

The well designed remote control has a pistol grip and provides a perfect controlling experience for the users. It has a sensitive trigger along with a perfectly balanced steering wheel.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6 x 12.1 x 7.5 inches
  • Scale: 1:12.
  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Battery: 2 x 3.7V 1500mAh.

Pros and Cons:

  • Great design and looks.
  • Four-wheel drive capability.
  • Very good control unit.
  • Some parts are susceptible to breakage after prolonged use.

This vehicle is a great combination of power, performance, and stability, providing total satisfaction to most users.

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