Best RC Car under 150

With the wide range of RC vehicles in the market, getting a good car with good overall performance within a price range is definitely possible.  Whether you want to buy a rock crawler or a speed racer, the budget is definitely one factor that is very important to consider. So no matter what you are choosing, you can very well judge the features of the car and select the model that matches your requirements.

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Choosing the right best rc car for your use needs some amount of background work to pinpoint the type of vehicle that you need. In case you are already an experienced player and looking for a second model you must have a pretty good idea about the basic features. For first time users, it is best to go through some guidelines to know about the various types of RC vehicles and their basic features so that you can make the best use out of the model that you choose.

 Best RC Car under 150  


We bring to you the review of two cars which are the best within this price range. So before you select a model, you can go through the reviews and take a look at the best features.


Distianert RTR Rock Crawler Electric RC Car

The heavy-duty build and top-class performance makes this rock crawler one of the best models to choose within this price range

Distianert 1 12 Scale 4WD RTR Rock Crawler Electric RC Car with 2 4GHz Radio Remote Control High Speed 25MPH Best RC Buggy for On-Road and Off-Road Racing...


This model is a great looking unit that will definitely impress you at first glance. The unit has great features with the ability to move and climb over rocks along with fast speed. These features make it a really fun unit to play with.

Feature and Benefits:

Solid build

The vehicle has a robust construction made out of PVC that will last for a long time. It has hollow rubber tires that have high grip and also an anti-collision body design to withstand shocks and bumps.

Excellent control

This unit comes with a 2.4 GHz operated radio control unit that provides precision control of the car. It has a very sensitive trigger and a good controlling range of 250 feet.

Multiple good features

It comes with good shock absorbers that make it easy for the unit to tackle rough terrains. It also has four-wheel drive feature with an independent suspension technology.

Good customer service

The customer service ensures that all inquiry related emails get replied within 24 hours. The vehicle also comes with 30- day money back and 12-month replacement warranty.


Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 6 x 12.1 x 7.5inches
  • Radio band: 4 Ghz.
  • speed: 45 km/h.
  • Weight: 5 pounds.



Pros and Cons:

  • A very efficient model.
  • Good battery performance.
  • A durable model.

  • Remote batteries not included.

This vehicle has some very good features and a reliable build that definitely makes it a very good choice at this price point.

AHAHOO High-Speed Off-Road Remote Control Vehicle

This RC car combines good looks with a solid performance and be it racing or off-terrain adventures, it is ideal for both

AHAHOO 112 Scale RC Cars 35MPH+ High Speed Off-Road Remote Control Vehicle 2.4Ghz Radio Controlled Racing Monster Trucks Rock Climber with LED Light Vision (Red)


This car is a great piece of engineering with a powerful motor and a solid chassis. The overall built and styling is definitely praiseworthy and most users will hardly find an issue to complain about. It also comes with a superb control unit that makes the driving a real pleasure.

Feature and Benefits:

  Best off-road RC Car for Beginners  

Solid build

This unit comes with an explosion-proof shell made of high-grade PVC. The body is designed to withstand shocks and collisions so that it can handle rough terrains and ride conditions.

Great tires

The rubber tires are hollow in the interior and have thick treads to move smoothly over rough patches. They have very good high-speed performance, making the car an ideal all-terrain vehicle.

Shock absorbers

The in-built independent suspension system has a helical spring that gives a superior dampening effect. This prevents vibrations and provides a steady driving experience.

Fun to drive

Built-in a 1:12 scale with imposing features and running lights this RC vehicle is a real pleasure to drive. It also offers sufficient excitement with its speed and performance making this a great gift item for kids and adults alike.

Key Specifications:


  • Dimensions: 1 x 9.9 x 8.3 inches
  • Radio band: 4 GHz.
  • speed: 50 km/h.
  • Weight: 95 pounds.



Pros and Cons:

  • A value for money.
  • Well designed remote control.
  • A classic all-terrain performance.
  • Remote takes time to link with the car.


Those who are planning to buy a fast RC car with off-road capabilities can definitely check this model.


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