200+mph remote control cars


The need for speed is a common desire in many human beings and those who enjoy driving RC vehicles, they too lookout for faster cars. Some of the customized and assembles remote control cars, like the one shown in this video, are hitting amazing speed levels which is really fascinating. It is incredible that an actual sports car like the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe has the highest speed of 186 mph whereas an remote control carshas reached speeds above 200 mph. This video is a great demonstration of the high potential and capability that an remote control cars can achieve.

As we see in the video, the nitro operated car picks up speed gradually and somewhere past the halfway point of the video, it almost turns into a blur, making us realize how fast it is actually moving. These cars need special parts and high-level engineering to sustain such high speeds and are not available for commercial use. So if you want an RC car that goes faster than even an actual racing car, you will have to design and construct it yourself. There are some RC car models that go above 100mph and you can choose one such model from our earlier reviews.

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